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The Japanese art of devil’s Takashi Murakami  join hands with the LV in the United States Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) organized an exhibition featuring Takashi Murakami individuals and works in cooperation with the LV, and launched a number of limited goods for this exhibition.

Takashi Murakami, with the LV cherry bag, cherry handbags and other goods from the 2003 launch success sizzling combination of art and business. This exhibition held in Los Angeles MOCA, the two sides together again, and the exhibition is divided into two parts, First Murakami individual works of art, first, over the years with the New Louis Vuitton goods.

A short-term limited stores, LV specially opened at MOCA Takashi Murakami to design new mushroom boy pattern, the introduction of the 3 mushrooms boy Notepad, in addition to hand-painted LV Neverfull bag and wallet, these goods only in during the exhibition, the LV store at MOCA trafficking.

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