Dior Fall/Winter 2016 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Dior Fall/Winter 2016 Bag Collection. The collection includes the brand’s classic handbags such as the Lady Dior, Diorama, Diorever and the newest Stardust Backpack. The iconic Lady Dior is seen in a new ceramic-effect deerskin with a jewelled swan. The Diorever Bag from the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is back this season in new colors. Dior introduces their newest backpack, the Stardust Backpack, which comes in cannage pattern and floral embellishments. Another new design this season is the Dior Blossom. It is an open tote bag that comes with a shoulder strap and a cute floral charm.

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Lady Dior

Dior Blossom





Dior Calfskin Diorama Flap Bag $3,400.00 (USD)




Dior Calfskin Diorever Tote Medium Bag $3,400.00 (USD)




Dior Large Embellished Stardust Backpack Bag $3,000.00 (USD)



Dior Small Stardust Backpack Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Dior Embroidered Technical Fabric Stardust Flat Zipped Pouch Bag TBD

Miss Dior and Ultradior



Dior Pearlised Patent Miss Dior Promenade Pouch Bag $2,050.00 (USD)
Dior Metallic Nubuck Calfskin Miss Dior Promenade Pouch Bag TBD
Dior Ultradior Small Bag TBD

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Christian Louboutin Pre-Fall 2016 Shoes are Available for Pre-Order

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You know how things go at Chanel – fast. When you start looking at the Spring Summer Collection, the Fall Winter Collection is just around the corner.

And because we’re extremely curious about the next collection, here’s a few preview to tease your bag-obsession.

So what can we expect from the Fall Winter 2016 Collection?


First, it will be all about the ‘Boys’. The Boy Chanel Galuchat Bag will return with even more stunning design. Now you can play Snow White. The Boy Galuchat Bag is crafted in shiny light grey and with white galutchat leather – it’s really like the snow.

Refined with silver hardware, check out the large shiny chain. And the iconic Boy Clasp – is your heart melting yet?


But there are more; the boy will be decorated with different patterns like this one above. It’s actually the small boy bag and Chanel is teasing you how to wear it when you want to free your hands. Just attach the chains to your belt and you will have… a belt bag.

And it’s most beautiful belt bag ever made on earth. Love it.



And if you look for luxury and elegant accessories, consider this mini clutch bag with chain. Decorated with golden lines and little pearls. It’s like a bag for the princess.

Which one is your favorite?












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Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Grained Calfskin
Style code: 169953AAF.27JD
Size: 12 X 11 X 9 inches
Price: $3400 USD, €2400 euro

Be ready to drool, because the Celine Summer 2016 Collection is filled with Luggage Phantom and original Luggage handbags. Are you sure you’re ready?

The color name: ‘Jade Baby’ – everything that has baby in its name, you should consider. Meet the Celine Luggage Phantom in single color. The Jade Baby is a new color and honestly, never heard of it (which makes it special). The Celine Luggage Phantom comes with two large wings and is adorned with a zip strap in the center that goes all the way to the floor.


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Washed Canvas
Style code: 169952AEL.01BC
Size: 12 X 11 X 9 inches
Price: $2250 USD, €1550 euro

For those fashion-obsessed but tight on budget, Celine has the Luggage Phantom crafted in canvas. And obvious, canvas is less expensive than leather.


Celine Mini Luggage Double Stitching Bag in Calfskin
Style code: 177903ADG.38NO
Size: 12 X 12 X 7 inches
Price: $3600 USD, €2650 euro

Okay, you got to see this. The Celine Luggage bag has a new design; we all know that the Luggage is famous for its face – the eyes, the ears and the mouth. So Celine thought, why not design one with double stitching. Check the front zip (the mouth of the Luggage Bag), it has a red squared stitched pattern below. A nice way to distinguish your Luggage bag from your BFF’s.


Celine Small Trapeze Bag in Bullhide
Style code: 174683ADL.01BC
Size: 11 X 9 X 5 inches
Price: $2900 USD, €1900 euro

Don’t forget about the Trapeze, they’re as iconic as the Luggage. The Celine Trapeze are bag in soft colors like white and soft grey, or black and white, and even one in exotic black and water snake print. I love the combination because it looks really luxurious.


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in Textile
Style code: 169952AFC.01WE
Size: 12 X 11 X 9 inches
Price: $2250 USD, €1550 euro


Celine Micro Luggage Double Stitching Bag in Calfskin
Style code: 177913ADG.01BC
Size: 10 X 10 X 6 inches
Price: $3350 USD, €2450 euro


Celine Micro Luggage Bag in Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 167793USH.28BK
Size: 10 X 10 X 6 inches
Price: $3100 USD, €2250 euro


Celine Micro Luggage Bag in Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 167793USH.08QU
Size: 10 X 10 X 6 inches
Price: $3100 USD, €2250 euro


Celine Micro Luggage Bag in Watersnake and Chalk Calfskin
Style code: 167794ADT.38AW
Size: 10 X 10 X 6 inches
Price: $4350 USD, €3200 euro


Celine Medium Classic Shoulder Bag in Calfskin
Style code: 164173ULC.01BC
Size: 9 X 7 X 2 inches
Price: $3900 USD, €2800 euro


Celine Medium Classic Shoulder Bag in Calfskin
Style code: 164173DLS.04TA
Size: 9 X 7 X 2 inches
Price: $3900 USD, €2800 euro


Celine Medium Classic Shoulder Bag in Python
Style code: 164174WLC.28BD
Size: 9 X 7 X 2 inches
Price: $5600 USD, €4000 euro


Celine Medium Classic Shoulder Bag in Crocodile
Style code: 164174TLE.33VI
Size: 9 X 7 X 2 inches
Price: Unknown


Celine Small Trapeze Bag in Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 174683ADK.08QU
Size: 11 X 9 X 5 inches
Price: $2700 USD, €1900 euro


Celine Small Trapeze Bag in Washed Canvas and Smooth Calfskin
Style code: 174682AEG.01BC
Size: 11 X 9 X 5 inches
Price: $2250 USD, €1450 euro


Celine Small Trapeze Bag in Printed Watersnake and Calfskin
Style code: 174684ADS.38AW
Size: 11 X 9 X 5 inches
Price: $3750 USD, €2650 euro


Celine Mini Belt Handbag in Supersoft Calfskin
Style code: 176103ACW.01BC
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $3050 USD, €2150 euro


Celine Mini Belt Handbag in Supersoft Calfskin
Style code: 176103ACW.27RI
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $3050 USD, €2150 euro


Celine Mini Belt Handbag in Supersoft Calfskin
Style code: 176103ACW.04TA
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $3050 USD, €2150 euro


Celine Mini Belt Handbag in Grained Calfskin
Style code: 176103ZVA.10DC
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $2400 USD, €1700 euro


Celine Mini Belt Double Stitching Handbag in Calfskin
Style code: 176103AD1.28BD
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $2700 USD, €1950 euro


Celine Mini Belt Double Stitching Handbag in Calfskin
Style code: 176103AD1.02DE
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $2700 USD, €1950 euro


Celine Mini Belt Double Stitching Handbag in Calfskin
Style code: 176103AD1.38NO
Size: 11 X 9 X 6 inches
Price: $2700 USD, €1950 euro

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Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign


If there is one thing that can be said about Chanel, it is the innate ability to make you want to drop what you’re doing and hope on a plane to anywhere. For the past few seasons in particular, Chanel has been all about the journey – the travel – and less about the actual destination, which has produced a fine run of showings. The work from the past year all seems to be culminated in the Chanel spring/summer 2016 campaign.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Creative Director of the brand Karl Lagerfeld put together the showing, and decided to show just what he wanted, and nothing more. Chanel’s clothes have lately been a bit over-the-top for ready-to-wear, so seeing the garments with the contrasted background of an everyday street really helped to put things into a daily perspective. This decision really worked in Lagerfeld’s favor, on top of the fact that he had two stunning models to work with for the shoot.

Argentinian model Mica Arganaraz and Dominican model Lineisy Montero perfectly embodied the timeless essence of Lagerfeld’s shoot, with their unique facial structure. The women dominated each frame, yet still managed to give the clothes and accessories the perfect amount of limelight. When a model buys into their character, it makes the customer want to buy into the campaign; and I’ll vouch by saying these shots made me want to own each look – even the garments I would likely otherwise not look twice at.

The setting, paired with the models, paired with the clothes created the atmosphere for a beautiful photoshoot. And from a surface perspective, Lagerfeld seems to have accomplished everything he would have wanted to, going into the campaign.

But of course, nothing could have been accomplished without those working behind the scenes. Carine Roitfeld was tasked with styling the photoshoot, while Tom Pecheux did makeup and Sam McKnight styled the hair. Between these three people, it wouldn’t have mattered what the models were wearing, because they would have everything they needed to storm the photoshoot.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

As such, however, the clothes and accessories are the head to the Chanel SS 2016 campaign. For the past couple of years, Chanel hasn’t produced the most exciting of clothes. This brand has always fluctuated, between showing classic silhouettes and something a bit more flamboyant, but this level of styling shows a tremendous improvement. While the clothes alone fall to one side of the spectrum, this styling from head to toe makes for a totally wearable, chic look for the woman on the go.

And, as for any woman on the go, accessories can make or break an outfit. So naturally, the luggage played a major role in the frames. Chanel is one of the best brands to look to for travel accessories and luggage, so showcasing a set was the perfect move, especially with the amount of flying for business and pleasure that occurs during the spring and summer seasons.

For any purpose Lagerfeld sought to achieve, he achieved it and then some. The Chanel spring 2016 campaign shows a lot of promise for future Chanel work, and we can only hope to see this balance between restraint and fun for future seasons and shows.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

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Its finally here, the new ad campaign by Givenchy. Now behold and check out the new clothing and accessories for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection. Let’s take a quick glance…

If you’re a Givenchy fan, then the Shark Tote is no stranger to you. This bag has been released not too long ago and already we’re falling in love. The brand’s iconic shark tooth has been cleverly used as the bag’s turn-lock fastening. And just slightly above you will find the logo gently printed in the center of the bag. It comes with a shoulder strap, but it’s easier to carry with the handle.


Next, the bag that you need to have. The Givenchy Micro Pandora Shoulder Bag. Oh my, I just died. It looks like the bag is featured with short chains to carry on your shoulder, just like a mini purse. We can’t wait until it’s released!

So what do you think?



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