Balenciaga Blanket Bracelet

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Seen the blanket bags? Take a look at them again, but focus on the top right corner this time around and you’d notice that all items from the Blanket series come with that lambskin band which bears the embossed Balenciaga logo. Now imagine them as bracelets and you’ve pretty much got the Blanket Bracelet.

The perfect addition to the Blanket series, they are longer, thicker and wider, which makes for a pretty solid wrist accessory. The ends of the bracelet are finished in gold metallic hardware that ‘snap’ together, all due to the wonders of the magnetic clasp that keeps it secure when you need it.

Available in a variety colours, they come in 2 sizes, Small and Medium. In Singapore, 3 colours (Black, Olive and Orange) are currently retailing at their Paragon boutique for SGD420 a pop. Online, you’ll find the bracelet over on Balenciaga for USD310 and at NET-A-PORTER for USD285, but if you were to factor in shipping and taxes, you’ll probably find that getting this locally would be the best option.

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Replica Balenciaga City Mini Review Update: An Instagram Seller You Better Avoid

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I asked my friend to share more details about her experience with that Instagram seller and here is the Balenciaga City Mini review update she sent.

“Hi Eva,

I was a bit frustrated about the so-called-mini-balenciaga. Owh by the way, tq for sharing my concern and Balenciaga City Mini review in your blog. I feel so honoured and happy to read it At least, more and more people are getting aware of this issue ☺️

I’ve tried to contact the instagram seller asking about the bag; unfortunately he did not gave the right answer. I was asking what grade actually the balenciaga that he sold me because last time he said he only do highest quality. By the way, the price of the bag is 150 USD. But of course it is not the exact amount that I paid! At first I paid using money transfer for USD150. Turn out that he received less than that (because the Bank of China takes some amount as fees). He then advised me to transfer the money using Western Union, less hassle for him he said. Then I had to transfer the balance for him to get exact USD150. In sum, I’ve paid almost USD200 (including the fees that I had to pay the bank and Western Union) for this imitation balenciaga!

Balenciaga City Mini Review Instagram Replica

Balenciaga City Mini Review Update

I’m forwarding some of the screenshot of my communication with the seller; when I asked him about the grade of the bag he sold me, he then compared with mini balenciaga 23cm, as he said the mini 23cm that he sold is the highest grade. He also said the 18cm version that he sold is same with the boutique. When I voice out my points about the lacing at the handle and the strap, he then compared about c****l 20cm vs c****l 25cm! He did not even answer my question! I think he made that kind of comparison because I keep on asking about the lacing and strap design. He believe not necessarily the 18cm will follow other balenciaga trademark design. But just like you pointed out in the Balenciaga City Mini review, the bag should have the lacing on the strap no matter the size and the strap has a signature design.

Here is a real vs fake comparison of the two signature features mentioned in this Balenciaga City Mini review:

Balenciaga City Mini Review Bad Imitation

Balenciaga City Mini Review Dead Giveaways This Fake Bag Has

Authentic Balenciaga Mini City Bag Signature Lacing And Shoulder Pad

Balenciaga Mini City Bag – How The Handles And Strap Should Be

This is so unprofessional and I believe other people deserve to know about his poor customer service 	<p class=Tags: replica Balenciaga

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If there is one word that will ever describe Balenciaga’s fashion take it will be this: luxurious. For ladies who are looking for a fashionable and luxurious black bag from Balenciaga that will never go out of style it will be its Papier Triple XS Zip Around Shoulder Bag. Though it might look too ordinary and compact to many, don’t ever be fooled by its look for there’s more to it than meets the eyes. For women who loves functionality, you will never ever go wrong with this one as it has two fastening compartments and three slot pockets for organized stowage. Beautifully and creatively made from the Italian peninsula, this bag is made from butter-soft black leather.

It also has Balenciaga’s signature studs for an added funk and style. Multifunctional, one can wear it as a shoulder bag, crossover or as an elegant evening clutch by removing the straps. It also has the following features: detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, zipped side for adjustable width, suede lining, zipped compartment, magnetic fastening compartments, slot compartments. It also has the following dimensions: 7.5′ x 8.5′ x 2′ (L x W x D). It retails for $1335 USD or €975 euro viaMyTheresa.

For an added trivia: Did you know that Balenciaga’s original bags were all motorcycle inspired, the most famous bag is the Classic City Bag? The Papier Triple XS is also inspired by motorcycle bags and the Balenciaga Papier Tripple Bag was only in tote version, today also in shoulder bag version.





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Did somebody say ‘Neverful’? Well, this person hasn’t met the Balenciaga Cable Raffia Maxi Basket. And when I say MAXI, I really mean going to the max – deep bottom and enormously width.

The question ‘how much essential can it carry’ is now ‘how much essentials do you have’. Use it as a shopping bag or as a weekend bag; store your shirt jacket when it’s hot.

This bag is made as an extension of Balenciaga’s most recent Cable Collection. It’s an all-season tote bag made from calfskin and raffia. It’s now only available in black.

This tote has a unique shape and is very width. The center is embellished with a golden plate and marked with the brand’s logo. It comes with thin feminine handles.

The interior opens and closes with magnetic closure – inside you will also find a leather zip pocket. Measuring 36 x 70 x 20 cm (W x H x D), priced at €1095 euro or $1545 USD via Balenciaga boutique.





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Day 10: I never got behind the backpack trend and bought myself one, but I've been feeling the urge lately. If you want a chic designer backpack look no further than this Balenciaga option. The metallic edge provides a downtown cool touch and there's something utterly perfect and very model off-duty-esque with the Balenciaga black leather backpack.

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Do you want a more fashionable way of storing all of your hard-earned moolah in one place? Well then, the Balenciaga Le Dix Money Wallet is the one for you! You could think of this baby as one of Alexander Wang’s masterpieces, because since we all know that since he took over the reins as the luxury house’s creative director, we’ve been seeing some cool pieces from their end. (Side note: Recently it has been announced that he is going to quit and start focusing on his own brand ‘Alexander Wang’.) Getting pretty intense, alright.

You can think of the Le Dix Money Wallet as one of the important pieces from the label – and why not? It has a flap with snap closure, which secures all of your valuables. It has a two-tone closing clasp which is composed of palladium and brushed gold, giving off a beautiful shine. Inside, it even has a zipped coin pocket and card compartments, which is exactly what you need.

Measuring 7.4” x 3.9” x 1.2” inches (W x H x D), you can get your very own Le Dix Money Wallet for €445 EUR or £355 GBP, available via Balenciaga e-store.






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