Celine Belt Tote Bag to be released in Mini Size for Cruise 2015

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Introducing the Celine Mini Belt Tote Bag. The newest size for the Belt Tote Bag will be part of the Celine Cruise 2015 Collection.  Colors expected to be available in the mini size include: Black, Natural Calfskin, Camel with Pink Lining and Beige with Blue Lining.  The new smaller size will only be 1″ smaller in width, which is great since the price point comes in lower in natural calfskin at about €1,150 versus €1,800. The colored trim bags will be $2,350.00 (USD) versus $2,600.00 (USD) for the slightly larger size. Notice the gussets are less prominent on the mini size.  The change may just be the second generation of the Belt tote bag; however, the bag is being called the “mini size” at retailers.

Information on pricing is updated as its received.

Side by Side: Mini versus Regular

Style, Price & Size


Euro Price

US Price


Celine Mini Belt Bag (Natural Calfskin) €1,150.00 TBD 11″ x 9″ x 6″
Celine Mini Belt Bag (with Colored Trim) TBD $2,350.00 11″ x 9″ x 6″



Celine Camel with Pink Lining Mini Belt Bag

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Celine Beige with Blue Lining Mini Belt Bag

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Celine Black Mini Belt Bag

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