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There is no introduction needed for the Herbag Zip Bag as it’s already featured at BRAGMYBAG multiple times. And we do love to write about it because it resemble to the iconic Kelly Bag. This bag is so famous that some Hermes boutiques start to use the ugly waiting list. So you want the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag? Let me put you on the waiting list.

When we meet a new color, we’re sure to let you know. So allow us to introduce to you the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag in black leather and Orange Toile. Just for the information, Toile is fabric in French and it means Canvas. One of the reasons this bag is less expensive than the Kelly Bag is because of the Canvas material and it’s a part of the design.

A practical accessory, created in lady-like trapezoid shape and it’s chic but easy to use handbag. Put your other everyday bag on hold and crown this beautiful piece. And by the way, the Herbag Zip Bag is so popular that it holds value. It even increases in value overtime due to its short supply and high demand. The bag is crafted with a chic luggage tag and extra long leather strap for shoulder carry.

The interior comes with an internal pouch and it measures 25.5 x 31 x 10 (H x W x D) cm, priced at ¥313200 JPY via Hermes boutiques.



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A new Hermes clutch bag is here to change your daily style edits! Bright, colorful, and vibrant, this is the Hermes Fortunio Clutch Bag.

The name Fortunio is derived from the Latin word “fortuna” which means “good luck.” This Hermes Clutch Bag is not really a new bag. Why? It’s because this latest edition is just a re-release version of a 1930’s design. Sporting an orange poppy color in Evercolor calfskin leather and finished off with a palladium-plated silver clasp, this Clutch Bag is that one particular accessory you would want to be seen carrying around. The most prominent feature of this clutch bag would be its unique V clasp in the middle, which acts as a security lock.

If you look closer, the V palladium-plated silver clasp opens and closes upon twisting its left and right angles. You will notice that there are two holes in the flap and the V clasp is placed in front of these holes to securely fasten it.

Measuring 29.5 x 19.5 x 3.5 cm and is priced $5900 USD via Hermes boutiques.



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Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag

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I’m not an Hermès girl. I understand why people like Hermès, and I fully acknowledge that its bags are, on average, objectively the best in the world when it comes to major brands. They’re beautiful, luxurious and impeccably crafted, but my personal style tends to be more casual and streetwear-based, which doesn’t jibe with most of the Hermès aesthetic. I’m more of a Balenciaga or Proenza Schouler type, and lately some of Gucci‘s bags really hit home with me, too. The new Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag, though, has managed to bridge my mental gap.

This bag has existed as a strap-free clutch since circa 2010, but as far as I can tell, the chain-strap Verrou is a new addition for Spring 2017. (All the mentions of it on the Internet start with the brand’s spring preview, anyway, but you can never quite be sure with Hermès, mostly because they don’t want you to be.) Earlier this week, the design popped up for sale on the brand’s website for the first time, and it had me at hello.

If someone said the words “super luxe bathroom stall slide lock” to me, I wouldn’t have necessarily be able to picture a handbag situation in which that design would work, or even when someone might have tried it, but here we are. 2017 is only 19 days old and it’s already wild as hell.

The bag’s asymmetrical front flap helps showcase the refined industrial lock, and along with the bag’s delicate chain, it’s the only real design feature. The lock is large and peculiar enough to carry the bag on its own, though, and it fits well with the bag’s right angles and minimal finishes. Pink wouldn’t be my first choice, but the bag also comes in grey suede (and likely several other colors that simple aren’t listed on the Hermès website for sale). I’m in.

Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag

Hermès Verrou Chaine Bag

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Hermes Tutti Frutti Collection

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Hermes has released a fun and bright collection for their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The Hermes Tutti Frutti Collection features fruit inspired small leather goods such as coin purse that can also be used as bag charms, as well as clutch bags. The small clutch can double as a wallet, as it includes two credit card slots and a pocket. It can fit basic necessities like cards, cash, lipstick, keys and a smartphone. The small leather goods are made of different materials such as Tadelakt, Chevre, Swift, Ostrich and Crocodile shaped into various fruits like apple, lemon, orange and strawberry.

Style & Price



Hermes Tutti Frutti Coin Purse Charm $830.00 (USD)
Hermes Ostrich Strawberry Tutti Frutti Coin Purse Charm $1,750.00 (USD)


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Hermès Serviette57

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I know what you’re thinking, what on earth is Hermès doing calling one of their latest mens bags a towel? Yes, towel, which is also what you get when you directly translateServiette from French to English. Well, after intense scrutiny, I can safely say this. TheServiette is as thin as it sounds, a leather briefcase of sorts that measures 38 cm by 28 cm by 2.5 cm. Yes, 2.5 cm.

Built to unzip completely open, the Epsom calfskin leather briefcase is actually more a fancy laptop case, and one that allows you to carry your Macbook Air around in style. And yes folks, that’s pretty much it. Gorgeous yes (and since when isn’t any Hermes bag gorgeous, right?) but I guess the bigger question is this. Would you payGBP3140, or almost SGD6000 after conversion for what’s basically a very swish laptop case?

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Have you ever spotted the Hermes Evelyne III TGM next to the Hermes Evelyne III TPM?

A little introduction for those that are not familiar with the Evelyne Bag: The TGM is the largest size in the Hermes Evelyne III Collection, measuring 16’ x 16.5’ x 4’ inches. The TPM is the smallest size, measuring 11.25’ x 12’ x 2.5’ inches.

If you put these two bags together, you can compare the sizes visually. The TPM is like a little baby compared to the giant TGM. So can imagine how much you can stock inside the TGM?

Our friend James went to the Hermes boutique to hunt for the Evelyne III TGM Bag and here’s what the SA told her: ‘This size is uncommon and very rarely ordered’. More over, the SA hasn’t seen this bag for years. So he went to check in other stores and was able to locate one.

For those that are interested, this Evelyne III TGM Bag is from the year 2012, in the color Vert de Gris. The price is $4320 CAD.



The other items are the Hermes Goliath Double Tour Bracelet in Etain and the Rodeo Charm in GM (which is also not easy to find). The price for the Rodeo Charm in Gm is $700 CAD.

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