The Mulberry Bayswater is Redesigned: Here is a Breakdown

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The new Creative Director Johnny Coca has presented an updated version of the classic Bayswater. Fans of the original Bayswater may love or hate the change. No word yet if changes will be permanent.

Check out the comparisons between the new and original Bayswater. Also our final verdict.

New Bayswater Bag

New Mulberry Bayswater Bag
The New Bayswater Bag has been just released, it measures 11” H x 20 ½” W x 7 ¾” D, with a handle drop of 6 ¼” D. The signature postman’s lock is made smaller and no longer bears the Mulberry tree, as it now has the new logo name. The new design is more structured and has noticeable gusseted edges like the Celine Trapreze. Coca was previously at Celine so we can see some of his old influences even in his new designs.

The belted sides were also removed on the new style, the sides of the bag can just be pushed in and pulled out. The interior is made of suede and has one internal zip pocket and two slip pockets. The Oak color is darker compared to the original design. The metal feet has also been removed for the new Bayswater. The New Bayswater has the same price as the old one, $1,395.00 (USD) for Natural Leather.

Original Bayswater Bag

Original Mulberry Bayswater Bag
The Original Bayswater Bag measures 10 ½” H x 14 ¼” W x 6 ½” D, with a handle drop of 6 ¼” D. The bag features the signature postman’s lock closure with the Mulberry tree logo. It has belted sides that can be adjusted to have more space inside the bag. It also has a hanging fob with a hidden padlock. The interior is made of brushed leather and has one internal zip pocket and two slip pockets. It has metal feet on the base for protection. The original design is priced at $1,395.00 (USD) for the Natural Leather.


The Original Bayswater definitely wins as it has the classic features that Mulberry is known for including the signature tree and larger lock. The classic design made this bag more desireable.

The New Bayswater is still a good choice but lacking in the heritage that the original signified. The new design may alienate old fans further away from Mulberry based on the alterations.

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Mulberry Fall 2015 Runway Bag Collection Featuring the Mini Jamie Bag

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Introducing the Mulberry Fall 2015 Runway Bag Collection. Mulberry has taken its inspiration from Georgian interiors. The collection features three bags, the newest Mulberry designs which are the Roxette and Jamie Bags were first seen at the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection.

Another bag included this season is Mulberry’s iconic Bayswater Bag in Crocodile material. The Jamie Bag which is Mulberry’s version of a bucket bag, was featured in a mini size this season. The mini version comes in a chunky chain strap and exotic materials such as Ostrich and Crocodile. The Roxette Bag, a satchel bag with double handles and shoulder strap, comes in various materials like Calf Hair, Crocodile, Leather and Shearling. Colors this season includes Black, Oxblood, Oak, Midnight Blue and Pink.

Check out the video above for a closer of this season’s handbags as well as the rest of the collection.


Source: Mulberry

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Cara Delevingne for Mulberry Handbag Shoot 2014

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Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-4

What’s so hot about the Cara Delevigne Bag Collection?

Well, we have seen Mulberry doing collaborations before like the newest Tessa Collection, which is priced lower than their classic bags. Then we have observed how Mulberry chew their iconic bags and then turned them into shoulder bags or Bayswater double totes. But what I love the most about the Cara Delevigne Collection is the newest back packs which are quilted.

Ever since around Chanel introduced their graffiti backpack line, we’ve seen how trendy they become. And the choices are increasing, Prada just released their ‘soft backpacks’ and Balenciaga their very own ‘Le Dix Backpack’. Cara’s version is just a bit different, elegant, mixing with the elements of Mulberry.

And if you love quilted bags (you will know this by checking your previous purchases), and in combination with, that you are actively seeking for a backpack to match your casual outfit, then this should be added to your list as ‘to be considered’. It’s well worth it.

This is the second ad campaign that Cara shoots for Mulberry, it gives a good idea of how to combine her bags with chic dresses and pumps.

The Cara Delevigne Collection will be launched in September, the price will be between £895 and £2,500.

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-5

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-2

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-3

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014

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Mulberry Delphie Bag

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At BRAGMYBAG we do not want to waste your time, and we only want to present handbags that are worth bragging about. What caught our attention lately is the brand-new Mulberry Delphie Bag Collection.

We’ve been ambitiously following Mulberry lately, in the past it was only the Bayswater and Alexa bags, but recently they have been introducing new series of bag collections – from modern pieces to lower priced accessories, to vintage styles. And we are loving it.

But anyways, back to the Mulberry Delphie Bag. This beauty is the combination of the brand’s craftsmanship with modernity in mind. It features a silver thin shoulder chain and a front flap. It comes with a new minimalism closure (with mulberry tree in the center) and style.

What I love about the Delphie handbags are the new colors that will be available, the yellow pink crocodile leather is absolutely to-die-for. And if you don’t mind baby’ing handbags, also in full-white. Get obsessive with the bi-color green and black front flap, the body should be made from suede. For those who seek for more classics, wear it in full black with black chains.

Here is the point, the Mulberry Delphie Bag Collection will be released for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Yes, around January or February. So details are not published yet, we will keep you informed.

So what do you think? Still dreaming about the Bayswater bag?








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For Spring 2015, Mulberry Gets Its Groove Back

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Mulberry Spring 2015 Bags 3

Mulberry’s various and sundry corporate challenges are well-documented and yet to be resolved, but London Fashion Week waits for no brand. For Spring 2015, the brand soldiered forth in a more subtle way than it has in recent years. Instead of a big production with global It Girl and brand ambassador Cara Delevingne, Mulberry put on a subtle presentation full of the kinds of pieces that made people Mulberry fans in the first place.

There were a few of the company’s popular Bayswater bags on display in preppy, spring-appropriate finishes and colors, but the star of the show was a pared-down, chain-strapped shoulder bag called the Delphie, which Mulberry claims can be worn six ways but is probably most recognizable as a small shoulder bag that can be easily converted into a medium-size clutch. Instead of the signature large turnlock closure, it featured a smaller, more modern metal button that, while bearing the Mulberry logo, was less in-your-face than the Mulberry of the recent past.

Check out the collection below; are you feeling this scaled-back vibe?

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Fall/Winter 2013: Designer Purses Color Guide

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FallWinter 2013 Designer Purses Color Guide

I already told you which are latest trends when it comes to Fall/Winter 2013 season and today, I’m going to let you know which are the colors that should have in you wardrobe. You are probably familiar with many of them since they keep reappearing but nevertheless, here’s a reminder.

For the past years, we’ve been accustomed with bright, powerful colors, like neon pink, neon yellow, royal blue, white or emerald but this fall we are going to see many earthy tones and dark colors. One by one, I’m going to show them to you and you’re also going the see the latest designer purses that fit this new season.

Replica Prada Saffiano Tote Navy

Replica Gucci Soho Small Purse

The easiest color to match and mix this season is navy. It offers a huge variety of choices whether we’re talking about designer purses, clothing or shoes. Even if you’re wearing an “all navy outfit”, you would still be considered a fashion addict, not a fashion-faux. And to visualize this color, you can check the latest Prada purses collection and this Saffiano tote is exactly what you need.

Replica Gucci 1973 Handbag

Camouflage is one of the come-back colors this year and it’s going to be super hot. I’ve always thought that this is one of the most versatile colors around. It can be matched with any color from red, blue, beige, black, white and you can also play with different materials and textures. You can see a lot of color combos on Prabal Gurung and Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Oxblood red is still here and it seems that we’re never going to get rid of it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind, especially since I’ve seen some amazing Gucci purses in this color. And the Gucci 1973 purse is one of my favorite.

YSL Small Duffle Replica Bag

But this season it’s not only about dark hues and colors, there’s something more. A new color emerged and even if it doesn’t really fits in the rainy season, it’s meant to brighten up any cloudy day. I’m talking about powder pink and the best visual example I can give you is the Mulberry Willow bag. You can also take this colors and match it with any other hue you feel inspired to, because color-blocking trend is still in this fall. One of my favorite bag from Saint Laurent is the 2 tone Duffle bag and if you’re a fan of both of these color trends, this bag is exactly what you need. You can find all these designer purses here and you can also find some nice shoes.

If you have any questions or style advices, use the comment section below!

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