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We know most Celine fans are luggage, trapeze and phantom hunters, these bags are like drugs, you just can’t get enough from it. It’s like salt water, the more we drink, the thirstier we get.

But we though the Celine Pocket Handbag in Seashell was not very important enough to review, until we received a question from Tiff: ‘Can someone tell me the price of the Celine Calfskin Pocket in Seashell?’. Tiff was referring to the latest Winter 2014 Collection of course, but if we take our time to review the Fall 2014 Collection, you can see that this bag is released in both collections.

Two collections and 1 type of bag is enough to draw our attention.

The Celine Pocket Handbag in Seashell is a shoulder bag and it looks kind-of funny – like an envelope. It’s designed in the Celine way, which means tri-colors (you know how Celine love to mix colors).

The bag is squared and it comes with a golden chain strap. The bag can be closed with the snap embellished on the front flap. It’s crafted from smooth calfskin, but also available in stamped pony for the fuzzy bag lovers.

The colors are perfect for the fall and winter – it’s darker to match your winter wardrobe. So what do you think? A bag to love or not?

The Celine Pocket Handbag in Seashell is priced around €1050 euro’s.




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