Prince BOY CHANEL handbag bag series

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Today’s society is often used to describe the appearance of a woman, but that the character of an independent girl. Yes, if you use one word to describe BOY CHANEL, then the girl more appropriate than the word, and the traditional feminine handbag different, various retro, metal, do the old, punk and other elements with the finest leather, elegant car suture, perfect lines of integration, demonstrated firmness and flexibility with the nature of the US free.




BOY CHANEL calfskin flap bag, decorated with tweed and chain details.

BOY series of bags in the season, the favorite is this wonderful mix of leather and woolen. Winter patent leather bag cowhide face can not always give a warm feeling, if coupled with tweed fabrics, both to bring a little bit of warmth in winter, yet elegant.


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How to spot a fake designer handbag

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Hi, girlfriends! If you have read a couple of my blog posts then you already know how passionate I am about replica designer handbags. But I never let my passion get in the way of making a wise purchase. I always say that research is essential for the success of any replica purse order and this is why I know how to make the difference between a good quality replica handbag and a poorly made one. If you are considering buying a fake purse online, you should really read the below guide before submitting the order. It will help you spend your money wisely on a replica designer purse that looks completely authentic and is also durable, the kind of purse that will enrich your wardrobe and style.


You won’t believe how easy it is to find a great faux luxury handbag when you know what the essential steps for identifying authentic looking products are. Or if you want to purchase a second hand genuine designer purse and you are afraid to get tricked by the seller then you should also take a look at these advices.

expensive 4

Buying an authentic designer bag online is tricky

My opinion is that the best source for authentic handbags is an authorized dealer. Buying a purse from the Internet is a very risky decision. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on purchasing it from an online store or from ebay, there is always a high change that you’ll get tricked into paying a small fortune on a cheap knockoff. If you aren’t an expert than it will be really difficult to know what to look for when checking how authentic looking a bag is. This is why I highly advise you to go to a Louis Vuitton store if you want to be sure that you are actually buying a Louis Vuitton purse.


The price is an indicator for its authenticity

Indeed, second hand designer handbags can be found mostly online so there is no getting around it. This is why you should use the price as a realistic indicator for its authenticity. Even if it is a pre-owned purse, it can’t cost only a couple hundred dollars. A second hand designer handbag usually comes at half of its initial price, so if the new bag has the retail price of $2,000 then the pre-owned one should cost at least $1,000 depending on how well preserved it is.

prada glace white

Take a look at the hardware

When we are talking about ways of spotting a fake designer handbag, the hardware is one of the main things we should consider. Cheap quality replica designer purses have metallic parts that are made from a light stainless steel, with rough edges and without the proper markings and logos. Also, pay attention to the color of the hardware. Make sure that it is identical to the one of the authentic bag.

lv speedy main

The stitching should be flawless

Designers pay great attention to the stitching of a bag, they make a real art from decorating their purses with some of the most complicated and flawless stitching patterns in the world. This is why it is essential to be careful at the stitching of the bag you are planning to buy. If the purse has an uneven, slanted or sloppy stitching then the product is surely a poorly made replica handbag. The number of stitches, distance between the stitches and the color of the threads- all of these are very important details that influence the authentic look of a purse.


Heat embossed stamp

It is no secret that the original brands have turned every stamp they emboss on their handbags into a complex way of authenticating the products. These stamps are very carefully designed and applied. This is the main reason why the heat embossed stamp represents one of the best ways of spotting afake designer handbag. My advice to you is to study very well the color of the ink, the font of the letters, the size of the stamp and the distance between the upper stitching of the bag and the stamp. On an authentic look designer bag, the stamp should be pretty high and close to the stitching. If the stamp is located in the center of the distance between the lock and the stitching then the product is definitely a cheap looking replica handbag. A very useful tip: on a genuine purse, the stamp will be look as it is part of the material.


A particularity of genuine Hermes handbags is that these have a blind stamp. Hermes does not make its products with the help of complicated machineries, but with the craft of experienced artisans who hand made every purse. These artisans are the ones who apply a blind stamp on the products, and this blind stamp represents the trademark and includes the date when it was made. This is why you need to examine the stamp of the Hermes bag and make sure that this isn’t embossed too deep, like machine stamped bags. On an authentic purse, the stamp can be barely seen, especially from a distance.

beautiful bags

Simply follow these tips and you will surely be able to find easily a high quality replica bag to purchase, a pre-owned designer purse or even an authentic one. No matter what you are planning to buy, the above guidelines are very useful for identifying an authentic looking designer purse. I know that they may seem just some small details, but these are so much more than that. These are the actual differences between a fake designer bag and a genuine looking one, the differences between a satisfactory purchase and a huge disappointment.

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Hermes Replica Handbags vs. Authentic Hermes Bags: The Stinky Issue

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I’m sure that for most of us the leather used for Hermes replica handbags and replica designer purses in general is an essential aspect. The price should normally be directly proportional to the quality you get.

Hermes Replica Handbags

Hermes Replica Handbags

But what happens when a high-end luxury brand like Hermes messes things up and doesn’t know how to manage the situation? This is what we are going to discuss about.

The whole thing started when people started complaining about their skunky-smelling authentic Hermes bags. The problem was mostly encountered at the popular Togo leather, but owners of Epsom and Clemence leathers also raised this issue. It seems that the smell became unbearable when the bags where left in direct sunlight even for a few minutes, because heat brings out the stink.

From what I found out the skunk smell was caused by improperly tanned leather. From the many Togo and Clemence being complained about and the large number of Hermes handbags made from these types of leather, it was obvious that the problem was not with just a batch of leather. Bags with affected leather were shipped worldwide, not just in a particular region.

What’s really hard for me to understand is why such a famous and luxurious brand like Hermes chose to deal with the issue like this. At first they refused to believe their customers’ complaints and said there was nothing wrong with the bags. Only after the problem could no longer be ignored they decided to replace the products. But I don’t think it was fair for customers to have to wait 2 or 3 months to replace a defective product! They should have made the replacements their priority before any other waiting list. If they don’t respect their customers, that says a lot about the brand itself.

If I were to receive a defective Hermes replica bag I would immediately return it too! A trustworthy site that sells Hermes replica handbags will always find a way to fix the problem. But imagine spending tens of thousands on a bag and not only get a stinky one, but also get this kind of treatment! That’s just unacceptable from such an expensive and loved brand.

Luxury should feel like luxury no matter what, even if we’re talking about authentic bags or Hermes fake bags. But while you can’t expect perfection from replica bags, you should expect it from Hermes.

Now if you’ve ever faced this problem with your Hermes replica handbags, here are some tricks! You can put some baking soda inside the bag or apply some moisturizing cream and leave the bag outside for a few days or you can spray some perfume on a piece of cloth or a little Febreeze and put it inside the bag.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Also, you can use a small box of baking soda for a week along with activated charcoal to suck up the smell.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

So girls, what do you think about the way Hermes dealt with this problem?

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Cara Delevingne for Mulberry Handbag Shoot 2014

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Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-4

What’s so hot about the Cara Delevigne Bag Collection?

Well, we have seen Mulberry doing collaborations before like the newest Tessa Collection, which is priced lower than their classic bags. Then we have observed how Mulberry chew their iconic bags and then turned them into shoulder bags or Bayswater double totes. But what I love the most about the Cara Delevigne Collection is the newest back packs which are quilted.

Ever since around Chanel introduced their graffiti backpack line, we’ve seen how trendy they become. And the choices are increasing, Prada just released their ‘soft backpacks’ and Balenciaga their very own ‘Le Dix Backpack’. Cara’s version is just a bit different, elegant, mixing with the elements of Mulberry.

And if you love quilted bags (you will know this by checking your previous purchases), and in combination with, that you are actively seeking for a backpack to match your casual outfit, then this should be added to your list as ‘to be considered’. It’s well worth it.

This is the second ad campaign that Cara shoots for Mulberry, it gives a good idea of how to combine her bags with chic dresses and pumps.

The Cara Delevigne Collection will be launched in September, the price will be between £895 and £2,500.

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-5

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-2

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014-3

Cara-Delevingne-for Mulberry-Handbag-Ad-Campaign-2014

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Celine Coin Handbag

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I have an uncontrollable obsession for Celine, to more specific – for the Luggage tote.

For the Phantom Tote.

And for the Trapeze Bag (and the mini).

But there are times that I see a bag and start to ask: ‘What is that?’. And there’s nothing wrong with the design – it’s creative, it’s unique and impressive, I just wonder, how many times would you wear the Celine Triangle Heel in your casual days on the street?

Maybe it’s just made for the special occasions, when you need to kick your competition from the spotlights.

Anyways, apart from all the Celine Fall 2014 Bag Collection that we’ve shared so far, there is one more that you need to be aware of. It’s the Celine Coin Handbag.

We know how much you love small bags with shoulder and we understand the distinctive streamlined designs of Celine. The name ‘Coin’ is connected to the round golden hardware embellished in the center. This bag comes with a golden shoulder bag and it’s painted in the colors of Fall, like burgundy, black and for the coin clutch, it’s in brick-brown. Made from extremely soft leather, its lambskin. Now let us know, how much like would you give for this bag?


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Celine Soft Pouch Eyelet Handbag

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And when you think that you’ve seen it all, another rock will hit your face. Ouch! Is there a limitation in fashion? Perhaps it’s only in our mind, the Celine Summer 2014 Collection is everything but extraordinary – the Triangle Handbag, Sphere Heel Slingback Booties and oh well, now the Celine Soft Pouch Eyelet. Listen to what we’ve to share…

Obviously, as the name already revealed, it’s a pouch – a thing to carry on an evening date, or on a beautiful wedding, or when it’s all worn out and you’re tired of it, use it as a make-up box.

But the Celine Soft Pouch Eyelet handbag is a casual accessory, not something you would like to show up with snowy evening dress. I will meet you in a color-pop tee, maybe a pair of jeans or a summer skirt if you will – basically everything colorful.

It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap, sad! Maybe Celine thought: ‘it’s so soft, you don’t need it, just hold on the eyelet’. But in combination of their skilled craftsmanship, this unique bag will certainly help you draw some attention.

Available in four different colors: black/green, black/orange, white/black and blue/yellow, crafted from Nappa lambskin, it’s priced at €1400 euro’s.




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