Replica Balenciaga City Mini Review Update: An Instagram Seller You Better Avoid

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I asked my friend to share more details about her experience with that Instagram seller and here is the Balenciaga City Mini review update she sent.

“Hi Eva,

I was a bit frustrated about the so-called-mini-balenciaga. Owh by the way, tq for sharing my concern and Balenciaga City Mini review in your blog. I feel so honoured and happy to read it At least, more and more people are getting aware of this issue ☺️

I’ve tried to contact the instagram seller asking about the bag; unfortunately he did not gave the right answer. I was asking what grade actually the balenciaga that he sold me because last time he said he only do highest quality. By the way, the price of the bag is 150 USD. But of course it is not the exact amount that I paid! At first I paid using money transfer for USD150. Turn out that he received less than that (because the Bank of China takes some amount as fees). He then advised me to transfer the money using Western Union, less hassle for him he said. Then I had to transfer the balance for him to get exact USD150. In sum, I’ve paid almost USD200 (including the fees that I had to pay the bank and Western Union) for this imitation balenciaga!

Balenciaga City Mini Review Instagram Replica

Balenciaga City Mini Review Update

I’m forwarding some of the screenshot of my communication with the seller; when I asked him about the grade of the bag he sold me, he then compared with mini balenciaga 23cm, as he said the mini 23cm that he sold is the highest grade. He also said the 18cm version that he sold is same with the boutique. When I voice out my points about the lacing at the handle and the strap, he then compared about c****l 20cm vs c****l 25cm! He did not even answer my question! I think he made that kind of comparison because I keep on asking about the lacing and strap design. He believe not necessarily the 18cm will follow other balenciaga trademark design. But just like you pointed out in the Balenciaga City Mini review, the bag should have the lacing on the strap no matter the size and the strap has a signature design.

Here is a real vs fake comparison of the two signature features mentioned in this Balenciaga City Mini review:

Balenciaga City Mini Review Bad Imitation

Balenciaga City Mini Review Dead Giveaways This Fake Bag Has

Authentic Balenciaga Mini City Bag Signature Lacing And Shoulder Pad

Balenciaga Mini City Bag – How The Handles And Strap Should Be

This is so unprofessional and I believe other people deserve to know about his poor customer service 	<p class=Tags: replica Balenciaga

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Top Quality Replica Bags That Make For Great Work Bags!

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I know that many of you ladies reading the blog are hard-working women who know the true value of money. And a working woman needs a great work bag too! This is why I thought it would be useful to write a feature on top quality replica bags that also make for great work bags!

Top Quality Replica Bags That Are Great Work Bags

I hope you are going to enjoy my picks and if you have any other suggestions, you’re more than welcome to share them!

So here are the most important traits work bags should have in my opinion.

Color And Material

First of all I took into consideration the color, of course. It’s no surprise here but if you want to use a replica bag as a work bag too, it’s better to choose classic neutral colors. First of all because they can be combined with any other colors and second of all because they don’t draw that much attention to them.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Replica Black Leather Tote

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Replica Tote Black Leather

If you don’t feel like classic neutral colors match your personality or you find them too bland, there are some other options. But don’t go for crazy stuff like neon yellow or fuchsia but rather red, burgundy or navy. If it still sounds too boring for you, you can add some personality using a scarf or a bag charm!

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote With Shoulder Strap

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote In Burgundy Leather

As for the material, I would suggest replica leather bags. Why leather? Because it’s a luxe-looking material that adds instant sophistication to any ensemble, wears well and lasts for years. And most top quality replica bags and designer bags in general are made of great leather.


I would definitely advise against taking flashy, monogrammed bags to work, even if they’re top quality replica bags. It’s not the quality I’m concerned about but rather the fact that you might make a bad impression. Choose high end replica bags that stand out through their refined look and their functionality rather than the brand they come from. There are plenty of gorgeous designer copies that feature minimal branding! So don’t take your Monogram LV Neverfullreplica to work, girls!

A good example of a really classy bag that has minimal branding is the Chloe Fedora bag. Even though it is a relatively small bag, it has a beautiful design and it comes with a shoulder strap too. Great for those who don’t carry a lot of stuff to work and extremely sophisticated in my opinion:

Chloe Fedora Bag Work Bag

Chloe Fedora Bag – Discreet Branding

Also, stay away from tassels or large, noisy hardware – you don’t want the bag you use on a daily basis to be annoying or flashy.

Size And Shape

I would opt for a medium to large bag with a simple structured silhouette and a well-compartmented interior. Maybe you’ll need to carry an iPad or some papers around and it’s better to have a special compartment for them. I think structured totes are the best way to go. They also look better with office outfits in my opinion.

LV Capucines Replica Inside View

LV Capucines Replica Interior Compartments

Still, if you carry all sort of stuff in your work bag, it needs to be really durable and also lightweight. (your back and shoulders will thank you for this later!)

Saint Laurent Shopping Bag

Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Leather Tote

A compartmented interior is better for those who carry papers around but an open tote might prove to be more useful to others. It all depends on the way you use your work bag.


A work bag should be functional and practical, no doubt about it. Carrying your work bag in your hand is not very pleasant, so it would be great to choose a bag that comes with an additional shoulder strap if the handles are not big enough to be carried over the shoulder!

Even though top quality replica bags are much cheaper than the original designer bags, they will probably cost more than the average you spend on a regular replica. But think of them as investment pieces you will wear every day to work and not only. So make sure you don’t save on the quality even if that means spending a few bucks more.

As a general rule, stick to top quality replica bags in classic styles that can adapt to any work outfit and stay away from seasonal pieces you may get tired of fast.

Olivia Pope of “Scandal” – Top Quality Replica Bags Inspiration

Olivia Pope Scandal Prada Saffiano Double Bag Gray

Olivia Pope of “Scandal” with the Prada Saffiano Double Tote

And as a bonus, just think of Scandal’s Olivia Pope, a business woman by definition. The character Kerry Washington plays always dresses and accessorizes impeccably and she is already famous for her passion for Prada. And can’t we blame her? She masters the art of dressing like a true professional without giving up her femininity! You can also notice that she opts for neutrals like grey, beige or black most of the times.

The most surprising bag in Olivia Pope’s collection? I would say it’s the black Goyard St Louis tote, that’s so different from all her Prada bags. But just look how well it matches her outfit! You can wear other Goyard St Louis colors to work as well, such as grey or dark blue.

Olivia Pope Scandal Goyard St Louis Tote Black

Olivia Pope of “Scandal” wearing the Goyard St Louis Tote Black

These are just a few of the top quality replica bags you can take to work. What’s your favorite designer work bag?

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Prada Glace Calf Fringed Leather Tote Replica Bag Review

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Prada is one of the most important names within the luxury bags industry. This very famous brand produces some very popular and expensive purses, dedicated to stylish modern women who appreciate elegance, versatility and sophistication. From movie stars to politicians, every gal that knows a thing or two about fashion owns at least one Prada. Nowadays, it is a true symbol for superior style and refinement.

prada Glace Calf fringed leather tote

One of my favorite Prada model is the Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote. This is a very unique and super-modern design that is perfect for those who adore to impress with their fabulous fashion sense. it goes very nice with city-chic outfits or with a cocktail attire.  I simply love this gorgeous bag!

Out of the various color combos that Prada offes for the Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote, I prefer the caramel one. For me, it is the perfect compromise between neutrals and extravagance. Is somewhere in the middle, where class and  modernity go hand in hand.

This purse is perfect for carrying around your everyday essentials. It is very spacious, functional and versatile as it measures l. 27.0 cm  X  h. 21.5 cm  X  w. 18.0 cm and it has plenty compartiments. It can accommodate everything from office stuff to your child’s things when you’re picking him up from school.

Glace Calf fringed leather tote caramel side

The Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote Caramel comes with a double leather handle that feels very comfortable and natural on your hand. Plus, it has a detachable adjustable leather shoulder strap that allows you to enjoy extra functionality when you need to have your hand free for carrying other important stuff, like groceries or luggage when you are travelling.

Always, but always an authentic looking Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote Caramel will have palladium-plated hardware. This style of hardware has a very luxurious and elegant look, distinctive for Prada purses and every metallic piece on this product is stamped with the brand’s name or logo.

On the front side of the Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote Caramel replica bag there must be the leather triangle logo over a metallic base that has raised silver lettering. This is located between the arched rounded leather handles.

The Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote replica bag should have two outside pockets that close with two silvery zippers, but the inside of the purse closes thanks to a snap closure that it located right on the top center. Besides the two outside pockets, the handbag also has two inside pockets that also feature a metallic zipper closure.

Before buying a Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote fake purse, make sure you checkout the interior of the product very well. An authentic looking Prada  bag should have a black Prada logo lining like in the below picture. Beware of imitations that have a different style of lining or color. Those will look totally fake.

Glace Calf fringed leather tote caramel inside

As long as you follow the above directions for identifying a good quality Prada Glace Calf fringed Leather Tote replica bag, you are one step closer to buying the perfect imitation purse at a very decent price.

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Replica Bag Review: Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM

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The Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy is one of the most popular and beautiful handbags ever, one that has conquered the hearts of countless fashionistas and it represents a must bag for any self respecting modern city girl. The beauty of this designer purse consists in its elegant shape, fine choice of materials and glamorous lines. It is the perfect contemporary bag.

infinity main

Being so loved and beautiful, the Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy is one of the most replicated bags on the market. Replica manufacturers are getting better and better at cloning this model and differentiating the original one from a fake can turn out to be a real challenge. Still, there are a few things that can’t be perfectly imitated and I am going to present these things in my review so you can make an informed choice.

The below picture includes a replica and the original Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM. The fake bag in on the left while the authentic purse is on the right. As you can very well observe from the photos, the original handbag has a more elegant look, it stands more firmly and its charm does not hand out like the one of the replica purse. This is because the real LV Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM has the string of the charm made from a stiffer leather and is shorter.

infinity 1

The outside of the two bangs is totally different, this pointing out that the Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM replica bag isn’t a very good one. The main cause for this is the leather used for crafting the purse. The material is very shiny and the embossing of the LV monograms into its surface is too pronounced, and these are cluttered and too close together. This makes it look very cheap and fake. The original one is made from a very stiff and quite matte leather and the mongram embossing looks more discrete. The type of leather used for making this bag is also the reason why the replica purse fails to stand tall by its own. You have to stuff it really well in order for it to have a shape similar to the original one- which doesn’t need the same amout of stuffing for standing firmly.

Please also note that the handles of the original Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM bag are beautifully curved. Unfortunately, the replica purse does not have the same arched handles. These are straight looking, without any sort of shape.

The inside lining should be textile fabric of a dark blue color with brown vertical lines. The original bag has a very dark blue color lining while most replicas use a lighter one.

The bottom of the LV Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM has a crossed stitching which meet right in the center of one of the monogram fowers. The color of the stitching is also a dark blue. This very dark blue is called Infinity. In very bright day light it looks blue while in most type of normal light it looks black. The base also has 4 metallic studs, the feet of the purse. These are placed at the starting points of the crossed stitching and each stud cuts off a part of a monogram flower. For example, the top studs cut off the top part of he flower while the lower ones cut off the lower part of the flower. From this point of view, this Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM fake purse looks very authentic.

infinity 2

The Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM replica bag has gold hardware just as the authentic bag. All the zippers, charms, studs and rings that connect the handles to the body of the bag are made from solid stainless steel and are coated with gold plating. Every metallic part is engraved with the “Louis Vuitton” name. This makes the bag look very authentic.

Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM replica bag has its good and bad parts. Still, if I take a moment to balance them I realize that the bads weight more. The very visible parts of this replica purse like the material, the shape of the handles and the monograms are very poorely replicates while the more hard to notice details such as the stitching and the name engraved on the metallic parts are very well cloned. The problem here is that anyone can tell that this bag is a fake just by looking at its shinny leather and clutered monograms. So, from my point of view, this is a terrible fake and it should serve as an example for what you should avoid when buying a Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM replica bag.

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This Replica Gucci Boston Bag Looks Nothing Like You Imagine!

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I own the classic replica Gucci Boston bag myself but I’ve always had a soft spot for the one made of black leather. It’s perfect for those who like the style of this bag but are not into obvious monogrammed replica bags. Review

So I was pretty curious to see the Gucci replica bag in this review but it didn’t take me long before I started seeing what’s wrong with it.

First of all, like I was saying, the black version of the replica Gucci Boston bag should be made of leather, not canvas! This is really important to know if you want to keep yourself away from cheap Gucci knockoffs like this.

Take a look at my friend’s review and then I’ll make my comments about the bag and this site:

Hi Eva!

I’ve just had the worst experience of my life! I ordered a Gucci vintage web boston bag from and it looks nothing like what I imagined.

A girl I know ordered from this site a while ago and she was pretty happy with her replica so I thought I should give it a try too. Their bags are pretty expensive (some of them ridiculously expensive for replicas) but they also look really good in the photos so I went for it anyway.

Even though the model was not on the site, I emailed them and they said they can send it to me. I asked for some pictures and the bag looked great. I guess they used some stolen photos or even photos of an authentic, I really don’t know! But when the bag arrived I was in shock! It looks so cheap and it’s not made of leather like it should be.

I obviously decided to return it. Their return policy says this “We support exchange if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.)” and I thought it was obvious enough that the item they sent is incorrect. But what’s happening right now is that they keep wasting my time with ambiguous answers and are not doing anything to help me.

The reason why I sent you this review is to warn people that they should not order a product they can’t find on a replica site, it’s too risky!

I’ll let you know what happens next!

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Box

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Box

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Front View

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Front View

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Inside View

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Inside View

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Lining

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Lining

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Logo

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Logo

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Zipper Pull

Replica Gucci Boston Bag Zipper Pull

Your piece of advice is really good and I support it 100%! It’s already tricky enough that you can’t be sure what you’re going to get when you try a new replica site but it’s even riskier when the product is not even displayed on the site.

I took a look at their return policy and I have to say it’s really bad. They make the customer pay a 25% restocking fee for the return shipping and you can’t even return the bag if you don’t like it! Also, they don’t offer a safe payment method as an option. This should always make you think twice, no matter the site!

Now more about this replica Gucci Boston bag… The exterior material is wrong, but so is the lining, the hardware and the stamp logo in the front. I don’t know where this Gucci knockoff comes from but it’s a joke!

Has any of you girls experienced this replica website before?

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A Louis Vuitton Bag Replica Review From A Man’s Perspective!

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The world of replica bags is mostly a women’s world, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I received this Louis Vuitton bag replica review from a man!

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag

I’m excited to meet a man who realizes how important accessories are and who knows that having style is not just a ladies’ thing and I think you should meet him too!

I just want to add first that this was the most enjoyable and fun review I’ve read in a while! Now let’s hear his Louis Vuitton bag replica review:

Hello there, Eva!

It was pretty difficult for me to write this, but since my wife insisted so much (she’s a big fan of yours), I had no choice! Just kidding, I actually wanted to thank you for helping her choose this replica Louis Vuitton bag for me. She told me that you advised her which model to choose and to get it from Now that I actually own it I think you were right.

I wouldn’t actually know how to write a review but I thought the least I can do is send you some photos of it. All I know is that this messenger replica LV bag looks really good and that I got tons of compliments on it ever since I received it. People tell me that I look sharp and stylish all the time! You can only imagine how proud my wife feels, ha ha!

But the really great thing about this Louis Vuitton replica bag is that it’s really practical and comfortable to wear. You see, I have to carry my laptop to work every day and I really needed a bag like this. And this one is just perfect for my needs! I also like that it looks pretty simple and that the colors are as manly as it gets.

So let me tell you this to all the ladies reading your blog: you should definitely get your men something like this, they will appreciate it!

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Front View

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Front View

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Flip-Over Flap

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Flip-Over Flap

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Inside View

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Inside View

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Back View

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Back View

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Logo Plaque

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Renzo Messenger Bag Logo Plaque

I think this Louis Vuitton bag replica review is spot on. This LV Damier Graphite Canvas Renzo bag from looks really good indeed and most importantly, it’s extremely functional! I hope you enjoyed reading a man’s perspective on a Louis Vuitton fake bag just as much as I did!

So girls, have you ever bought a men’s replica LV bag?

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